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Allegro Winery

2019 Allegro Winery Prelude

2019 Allegro Winery Prelude

With the acquisition of the Naylor Vineyard came three acres of Chambourcin vines.  Many of you know my thoughts about Chambourcin, but one of it's best expressions comes when it's used to make a rose wine.  (We used to blend in Chambourcin into our Prelude in fact.)  This year, we decided to make Prelude only from Chambourcin fruit that was pressed directly after harvesting.  The resulting juice is not white (like Merlot or Cabernet Franc juice prior to fermentation), but rather the color from the skins bleeds into the grape and the resulting color is almost radioactive.  The current year's Prelude is still a dry wine, while the burst of fruit character makes it seem almost candy-like.

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