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Allegro Winery


Allegro Winery Staff - CarlCarl

Start Date & Position:  8/14/01 - Responsible for what's in the bottle

Bio: Carl is an artistically engineered dilettante with an obsessedly distracted attitude.

Favorite Allegro Wine: The whole reason I'm here ... Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Coffee and beer (not necessarily in that order)

Hobbies: Playing guitar

Allegro Winery Staff - SteveSteve

Start Date & Position:  2004 - Sales Manager

Bio: Steve was born in Stewartstown, PA. He has a BS from Penn State University. Steve lived on the Eastern Shore before moving back to PA in 1997.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Grey Goose Martini, Bloody Mary

Allegro Winery Staff - BrendaBrenda

Start Date & Position:   2015 - Operations Manager (2006 - joined tasting room staff)

Bio: Former higher education administrator who ditched academia for the romantic winery life. She currently lives on the vineyard property with a cat named Jack.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Prelude

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Bloody Mary or dirty vodka martini

Hobbies: Taking care of business

Allegro Winery Staff - StevieStevie

Start Date & Position:  2006 - Brand Ambassador

Bio: Born in The Brogue, Stevie is a Penn State grad. Her full time job is nothing related to wine; she works for an insurance company, trouble shooting system issues for the claims system and working on projects and software testing for system releases and/or process improvement enhancements. Stevie has 2 brilliant adult sons (they take after their Mom, of course) with the oldest starting his own business and the youngest still in college. She plans on retiring early and joining the wine industry full-time after her son has finished college.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Cadenza, and really old Chardonnays

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Champagne - the real stuff!

Hobbies: Wine, reading, hiking, biking, kayaking, cooking, traveling

Allegro Winery Staff - JannaJanna

Start Date & Position:  2006 - Tollgate tastingrooom staff

Bio: to come

Favorite Allegro Wine: Reserve Merlot

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Water

Hobbies: Working at Allegro, spending time with her children and grandchildren

Allegro Winery Staff - MikeMike

Start Date & Position:  2008 - West Shore Farmers Market Staff

Bio:  Born in Harrisburg, Mike was a teacher in the Philadelphia area and a high school principal and Director of Administrative Services at West Shore School District. He has 5 children (all boys), and 7 grandchildren.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Coffee

Hobbies: Golf, gardening

Allegro Winery Staff - EmeryEmery

Start Date & Position:  February 2011 - Brogue tasting room staff (elsewhere as needed), label design and illustration, brawn/construction, festival staff, tour host, and anything else Carl needs.

Bio:  Emery grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland. He has a BF&PA in graphic design from Kent State. When not pouring wine, he is a self-employed illustrator (www.emster.com), specializing in map illustration. 

Favorite Allegro Wine:  2010 Viognier - my first true (white wine) love

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage:  Craft beer - all makes and styles.

Hobbies: Home brewing, bowling, fishing, building and fixing things.

Allegro Winery Staff - ShannonShannon

Start Date & Position:  2011 -  Brogue tasting room staff and Brand Ambassador

Bio:  Shannon was born in Maryland, but grew up in Virginia. She studied Nursing and is "crazy for wine". When she moved to Pennsylvania, her search for great wine led her to Allegro, with which she has become obsessed. She had to work here!

Favorite Allegro Wine: The open dry one

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Tequila

Hobbies: Singing

Allegro Winery Staff - NelsonNelson

Start Date & Position:  March 2014 - Vineyard manager

Bio: Born in Davenport Iowa, started playing violin at 6, graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Music, lived in Europe (Finland,Belgium,Italy) playing in orchestras. Came back in 1986 and started 15 years playing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra until 2002 when I began my second career as a vineyard manager.

Favorite Allegro Wine: 2010 Reserve Merlot

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Beer

Hobbies: Listening to any Mahler symphony

Allegro Winery Staff - DwayneDwayne

Start Date & Position:  May 2015 - Maintenance, delivery, and everything else warehouse related.

Bio: Dwayne grew up in Drumore PA (southern Lancaster County), and worked as a mechanic for 20 years. He stumbled upon an Allegro Facebook post looking for someone to repair the new bottling line. Dwayne came in to fix it and has been here ever since.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Steel Chardonnay, Riesling

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Beer. Lots and lots of beer.

Hobbies: Playing guitar

Allegro Winery Staff - AllisonAllison

Start Date & Position:  July 2015 - Strasburg tasting room staff, festival staff, and door decorator extraordinaire.

Bio: Originally from Richfield, PA, Allison now lives in Lititz, PA. Her full-time job is Director of Child Care at Community Action Partnership of Lancaster. She have a BS in El Ed and an M. Ed in ECE.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Forté, Merlot, Chambourcin, Rhythm

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Coffee

Hobbies: Hiking

Allegro Winery Staff - JessJess

Start Date & Position:  July 2015 - Brogue tasting room staff, festival staff

Bio:  Born and raised in Lancaster County, Jess currently works fulltime at a nursing facility as a billing specialist. She has an associates degree in Physical Therapy. Jessica has a younger sister who also lives in Lancaster and an older sister that lives in California. Someday, she hopes to be working with elephants as a zoologist.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Gin and tonic made with Ophir gin and freshly squeezed limes.

Hobbies: Bowling, cooking, baking

Allegro Winery Staff - NickNick

Start Date & Position:  July 2015 - Strasburg tasting room and festival staff

Bio: Nick is a Social Justice educator and trainer

Favorite Allegro Wine: Bridge, Gruner Veltliner

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Rioja

Hobbies: Working for change, traveling, wine

Allegro Winery Staff - PamelaPamela

Start Date & Position:  July 2015 - Strasburg tasting room staff

Bio: Born and raised in Lancaster County, Pam now resides in Lititz, "the coolest town in America" with her husband, 14 year old son, Zoe the goldendoodle, Lilly the Chihuahua, Izabella the King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and Pandora the cat.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Anything dry and red

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Coffee

Hobbies: Shopping, Harley Davidson, animals

Allegro Winery Staff - CandyCandy

Start Date & Position:  2015 - Brogue tasting room staff

Bio:  Born in Somerset Co., PA, Candy is a certified paralegal, and has worked as a legal assistant for a law firm in the Baltimore inner Harbor for 9 years. She left the firm to have children. Candy works at Allegro for fun now that her boys are getting older.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Water

Hobbies: Photography

Allegro Winery Staff - MeaganMeagan

Start Date & Position:  May 2016 - Brogue tasting room staff

Bio: Meagan was born in Baltimore and now resides in Red Lion. She previously taught high school art education for 6 years. When she first tasted Allegro wine, she knew she was in the right place.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Funk

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Rum-n-Coke

Hobbies: Drawing and painting

Allegro Winery Staff - LibbyLibby

Start Date & Position:  May 2016 - Brogue tasting room staff

Bio: From Red Lion, Libby grew up about 5 minutes from the winery. She attended York College, and continues to work there full-time as the Director of Event Operations, managing all of their athletic and special events. Already familiar with Allegro wines, Libby started visiting the winery more frequently after her mother (see Amy below) became a Wine Club member.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: to come

Hobbies: Filling out surveys

Allegro Winery Staff - DarcyDarcy

Start Date & Position:  May 2016 - Cellar

Bio: After 8 years working in Special Education, Darcy wanted a change; she took the job at Allegro and has no regrets. She is the youngest of 4 girls, and has lived in York County for 16 years. Darcy has had horses for 10 years, but will admit that she was always "that horse-crazy girl". Music is her zen.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Can't choose just one.

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Properly brewed tea

Hobbies: Horses

Allegro Winery Staff - JennJenn

Start Date & Position:  June 2016 - Brogue Tasting Room Manager

Bio: Jenn grew up in Annapolis, MD and worked in pediatrics and orthopedics for years before giving it up to be a stay at home mom of 3. 

Favorite Allegro Wine: Anything dry and red

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Coke or Margaritas

Hobbies: Working at Allegro, photography

Allegro Winery Staff - AmyAmy

Start Date & Position: July 2016 - Brogue tasting room staff

Bio:  Amy was born and raised in Red Lion, just like her parents and grandparents. She has a Bachelor of Music from Susquehanna University as a piano/vocals major. She is happily retired from teaching classroom music for Souther York County school district (39 years!), teaching elementary K- 6, and directing both 5th and 6th grade choirs.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Viognier

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Coffee, tea, water

Hobbies: Reading, traveling, singing and walking.

Allegro Winery Staff - ChelseaChelsea

Start Date & Position:  September 2016 - Allegro Wine Bar staff

Bio: Chelsea is originally from York County and is a Psychology major at Millersville University.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Dry Riesling

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Black coffee

Hobbies: Long moonlit walks to the fridge, paperless origami, retro videogames

Allegro Winery Staff - AmandaAmanda

Start Date & Position: 2018 - Cellar Assistant

Bio: Amanda has lived in Red Lion her entire life, and has one older sister. She graduated high school in the top 2% of her class, and completed one semester at Penn State York before realizing that she had no clue what she wanted to do with her life. She applied for the position at Allegro, figuring it was a long shot since she had just turned 19 two months prior. She's been helping us out in the cellar ever since.

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Soda (currently Dr. Pepper or Coke), lemon-flavored iced tea

Hobbies: Listening to music, going to concerts, reading



Allegro Winery Staff - LexieLexie

Start Date & Position:  April 2018 - Brogue tasting room staff

Bio: Lexie was born and raised in Johnstown, PA. She graduated from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with two bachelor degrees; one in Accounting and one in Operations Management. She works full time as a Strategic Planning Analyst for Metso Minerals and works at Allegro on the weekends as her fun job!

Favorite Allegro Wine: Musicato and Vidal Blanc

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Coffee or bubbly flavored water

Hobbies: Scanning TripAdvisor and traveling the world

Allegro Winery Staff - HowardHoward

Start Date & Position:  2018 - West Shore Farmers Market Sales Rep

Bio: Howard was born in Harrisburg, spent some time at Millersville University, and at times still thinks he’s 21.  He has lived in Florida and France, and only wants to spend time with his family and follow his hobbies. 

Favorite Allegro Wine: Cadenza

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Bollinger Champagne but can only afford coffee.

Hobbies: Traveling, Wine, la Plage, and trying to be free.

Allegro Winery Staff - AllisonAllie

Start Date & Position:  September 2018 - Brogue tasting room staff

Bio: Moved from South Baltimore to Stewartstown in the fall of 2017. During the week, she's home with her 2 kids, Bailey and Ethan and 2 dogs. Discovered Allegro Winery while attending Wine Your Way Out at Maize Quest. Two weeks after following Allegro on Facebook, she saw the job notice for weekend help and applied. 

Favorite Allegro Wine: Cabernet Sauvignon

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Heavy Seas and other craft beers

Hobbies: Food/beer/wine/music festivals

Allegro Winery Staff - VictorVictor

Start Date & Position:  April 2019 - Philadelphia Sales Representative

Bio: Victor was born & raised in Philadelphia, and currently resides in Harleysville, PA with his wife of 17 years and their twin boys.He has been involved with wine sales since 2007, and has worked for Chaddsford, Karamoor, Majestic W&S, ViVino Selections, and Jonathan Newman. 

Favorite Allegro Wine: 2016 Cadenza Vineyard Chardonnay and 2018 Steel Chardonnay

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Wine, wine, wine...it's all about the wine for me.  Currently I have been diving into some of my back vintages of Kosta Brown Russian River Valley Pinot Noir.

Hobbies: My family, going to the NJ shore, all things Philadelphia sports, coaching swimming & soccer, and raising money & awareness for Autism.  Both my twin boys are on the spectrum, so this is a focus and passion for me & my family.  I work heavily with the Eagles Autism Foundation.

Allegro Winery Staff - DaveDave

Start Date & Position: September 2019 - Deliveries, warehouse, processing and maintenance

Bio:  Dave was born in southern York County, and has worked as a canoe guide in Canada, bridge construction worker in Kentucky and most recently as a supervisor for an industrial painting contractor in York.

Favorite Allegro Wine: All things Cadenza (and the Allegro dry wines)

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: The three B’s: Bourbon, beer and Bloody Mary’s

Hobbies: Bonsai, gardening, baking, reading, music and guitar

Allegro Winery Staff - JennMichele

Start Date & Position: Fall 2019 - Brand Ambassador

Bio:  Michele was born in Northern Pennsylvania but moved to Harrisburg after college to start work for the West Shore School District as a Physical Education Teacher and Athletic Trainer.  After 7 years of teaching, she decided to become a stay-at-home mom to be with her three boys in their early years.  Looking for a new challenge led her to pursue her enduring interest in Real Estate at Lawyers Realty. When not selling homes you'll find her pouring wine!

Favorite Allegro Wine: Sauvignon Blanc

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Diet Soda

Hobbies: Running, Traveling, Reading, and Family

Allegro Winery Staff - ErinErin

Start Date & Position: October 2019 - Marketing & Events, Brogue tasting room staff

Bio:  Born an Air Force dependent, Erin spent her childhood moving all over the world. She finished high school and college in Virginia and has been slowly making her way up the mid-Atlantic, teaching in Baltimore for 11 years and moving to a small farm just over the Pennsylvania line.

Favorite Allegro Wine: Reserve Merlot

Favorite Non-Allegro Beverage: Scotch and Splenda

Hobbies: Plants and poultry

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