Warm Spiced Wines

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Of course, there’s no more instant cold-weather pleasure than the release of cinnamon and fruit aromas into your gathering-place.  Share mugs of our Apple Cinnamon and Fusion all season long!

We’re often asked how to serve these warm winter wines.  You want them to be warm, with movement at the top of the wine and the release of the spice aromas, but not boiling (you’ll lose the alcohol and change the flavors!).

Here’s how: If you’d like a single serving, pour some wine into a mug and warm it in the microwave, starting at one minute and adding time, to fit your taste.  If you want to share an entire bottle, pour it into a crockpot or non-aluminum saucepan on your stove and hear over “low” heat until you can smell the spices.  Since the aroma is such a key part of the experience, we love the crockpot method, since it leaves your whole house smelling like Christmas!

These wines are nice chilled, too, but they’re designed for heating: When served warm, they taste a bit less sweet, while the spice flavors come to the forefront.

Warm, serve, and enjoy!